An interRAI Tool for creating and managing Community Health Assessments.

User Friendly

Cost efficient

Licensed by interRAI
and validated by CCIM

Integrates with multiple
Client Information Systems,
Including NesdaTrak

DigiCHA is a standalone application designed to work in conjunction with client information systems, including NesdaTrak, to provide seamless management of client information. By itself, DigiCHA acts as a tool to create and manage Community Health Assessments. Over and above its basic function DigiCHA allows users to easily obtain calculated results based on client information, then extrapolate appropriate outcomes to allow for treatment and care plans to be generated. All results gathered are easily printable in a range of forms, with options to customize the exact output desired.

Digicha is now interRai Licensed.

New Assessments

Creating assessments has never been so easy!

  • Questions may be answered in any order
  • Minimize unwanted or complete sections
  • Tooltips display example answers when needed
  • Save progress and continue later
  • Easy navigation between core and supplemental assessments
  • Automatically triggered supplemental assessments
  • Intuitive design displays status of assessments clearly
  • Automatic validation and error reporting
  • Automatically generated reassessment dates

Search Assessments

Search a client’s name from any page (top search bar), or click the search button in the left navigation area to be brought to the search page. Here you will be able to refine your search criteria to find the specific assessment you wish to review, continue or complete. Default settings allow for quick and easy access to your "In Progress" assessments!

Automated Calculations

While working on an In Progress Core assessment additional supplements may be triggered based off a calculation on specific criteria, and users will be informed if they are mandatory or not.

Upon completion of assessments numerous calculations occur to provide users with statistics, enabling them to extrapolate proper methods of treatment. A number of these different calculations made can be viewed through the various Reports (links located on the left, below assessments). Business reports are also available for administrators for more statistics on completed assessments and general results.

Client Progress

View the client progress through the client progress and assessment summary report on the left. These pages will provide the user with tracking information on the client’s progression between assessments.

Administrator Management

Administrators have the ability to change default business rules. These rules modify how and when users are able to complete assessments.

Through this page administrators are able to:

  • Set business rules on completing assessments
  • Reset User Passwords
  • Re-open complete or cancelled assessments
  • Cancel in progress assessments

Print / Export

Users have the ability to print a number of different types of forms in order to provide hard copies of information when needed. Blank forms can also be printed when required.

Printable forms include:

  • Assessments (core, supplements, CAPs and Scales)
  • CAPS and Outcome Reports
  • Progression Reports
  • Assessment Summary Reports
  • Business Reports

An export feature is available for exporting data to .csv format (to be imported into programs like Excel)

Third Party Integration

Seamlessly integrates into the best client management systems. Allows for demographic information and results to be electronically transferred between your client management system and DigiCHA.


  • $15.99 / user / month license fee FT
  • $9.99 / user / month license fee PT (limitations - can only view records, not enter them)
  • $5.99 / user / month CHA Subscription fee
  • No hosting fee(s)
  • No connection fee(s)
  • No upload fee(s)
  • No limits on number of CHA assessments
  • No help fee(s)
  • No upgrade fee(s)


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